Changes in the editorial board

05 June 2015

Drinking Water Engineering and Science (DWES) was founded to encourage open-access publications in drinking water supply. After more than seven years the founding editors of DWES, Dr Jasper Verberk, Dr Ignaz Worm, Prof. Arne Verliefde, Prof. Hans van Dijk, and Prof. Gary Amy, are stepping back as executive editors and editors-in-chief. We appreciate the hard work they performed to bring DWES to the present level and want to thank them warmly, also on behalf of the readers and the authors of the published articles.

We warmly welcome Dr Doris van Halem, Dr Ran Shang, Dr Monique Bekkenutte, Dr Atul Mittal, Prof. Bhekie Mamba, and Dr Chang-Ping Yu as the new executive editors of DWES. With the formation of this new team, we hope to have a good international coverage, a continuing impact in water supply research, and an increase in the number of good quality papers.

The editors-in-chief of Drinking Water Engineering and Science